The Evolution of Contact Mail

While the Twitter operation was a success, I still wanted to go back to the more quiet side of my contact mailing. The only problem was that the accounts I was mailing with were producing less and less results. If I wanted to produce the numbers I was used to seeing, I would have to expand my operation into other email providers.

So in 2012, I did a domain extension count on my databases. This would tell me how many accounts I had for each email provider and more importantly tell me the most popular providers. The top three were obviously Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. At the time, I was nearly 2 years into my Hotmail and Yahoo operation. Now I didn’t want to go up against Google, as I knew their security precautions with reCAPTCHA would be a huge headache. I was more interested in the lesser known providers. This left me with four options; AOL, Road Runner, Cox, and Earthlink. There were a couple things about these options that I loved. First, they were all US based, this meant that all of the traffic generated from these accounts and more importantly their contacts would be from the US. Secondly, nobody had ever thought about contact mailing these providers. It was as fresh as the very first contact mail operation on Hotmail.

So which one did I choose to do? All of them.

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