The Expansion of Contact Mail

In a previous post, I described how hotmail and their users were the first to experience the effects of contact mail. When accounts on hotmail started producing less and less money, it was time to explore other email providers. In 2011, Yahoo would be the next email provider to experience contact mail. Now Yahoo was different, they actually had some security measures which would prevent me from abusing them the same way I was able to on Hotmail.

One of the most notable security features they had implemented was IP address rate limiting. This meant I wasn’t able to mass verify login credentials from my databases without being banned from Yahoo. It was a problem, but a fairly easy one to solve. All I needed was a massive pool of IP addresses. Luckily for me, because of some of the communities I was in, I knew where to purchase this type of service. For $400 a week, I could rent 10,000 online botnet proxies. This would be more than enough to bypass any rate limiting Yahoo had implemented.

And just like that I had restored my contact mail operation back to it’s full glory.

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