Spam Operation: Twitter & Pinterest

Social network spam was the root of my spamming career, it started with MySpace and as other social networks became popular, they became targets. With a plethora of data at my disposal, it wasn’t difficult to turn the data into dollars. The same concept of my infamous “contact mail” was used on these social networks. Create software that would check to see if the same email/password credentials were used on these sites and spam their friends, wall, board, etc. Now the success rate of these logins were much lower than e-mail, some even as low as 2 to 4%, but when you have 100s of millions of records, the percentage is merely a statistic. Without any login rates or security on these sites, I could easily check a few million accounts in just a few hours. Of course I had 20,000+ proxies at all times to use, but it was only a precaution I used to keep them guessing.

This would eventually lead to 10s of millions accounts being spammed on throughout 2013-2014. I was promoting whatever Dr. Oz was endorsing that month, everything from garcinia cambogia, green coffee beans, and raspberry ketones. Anytime I wanted to make a few thousand dollars I could just run 100k accounts in the matter of minutes.

Here’s a few articles guessing what was going on with these social networks

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