Twitter v1.0

In the spam game staying current with the trends is just as important as any other marketing job. I’ve always had an eye for trends and being able to predict the next big social media website. By 2011 Twitter had grown to over 250 million members and had no plan of slowing down. This made Twitter a prime candidate for my next spam operation. Back then there was no security, I don’t even think they had a security team to be honest.

The operation would be fairly simple and would have the same concept as most of my operations. Take the email and password combinations from the databases I owned and check to see if they used the same password. I was amazed at not only how many worked, but how many people actually had a twitter account. The thing is, if you had a twitter account you probably used the same password you signed up to any other site with. The raw number was about 10% (that’s not excluding if the email address was even registered on twitter). At the time that was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million valid twitter accounts.

The second function of the software would DM the account’s followers and send out a tweet. The first campaign I ran was a bizop offer. Bizop was my goto because it appealed to everyone and yielded the highest return. I mean who doesn’t want to make money from home?

While the campaign was a success with netting thousands of dollars a day, the risk didn’t seem worth it. What I mean is there were hundreds of websites asking “Did Twitter get hacked?” And “Help! My twitter account has been hacked”. Not only that, journalists and bloggers alike were writing about the havoc I was causing on Twitter.


For now, the operation was on the back burner and I would revert back to the more quiet operations.

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